About Us

Humanity Education Action Legislation (HEAL)

The Humanity Education Action Legislation has a primary goal is to build a diverse coalition of people enacting legislation for a federally mandated curriculum teaching race and equality education in K-12 schools in America.  HEAL aims to educate and empower communities nationally with hopes of becoming a global model. Expert curriculum developers, child psychologists, educators, consultants, etc. are needed to make this Act a reality in America.


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Josiah’s Tree

Josiah’s Tree is the non-profit entity of the organization created to work collaboratively with the Humanity Education  Action Legislation. Josiah’s Tree is intended to be, in real time, to our communities what HEAL will be to schools in the future. Josiah’s Tree   serves to bring children of different ethnicities and backgrounds together to learn and celebrate their differences. Children will be encouraged to work together to re imagine an America that is inclusive and ends racism. Our strategy is to build and facilitate positive interactions between police and all Americans with an emphasis on consistent unbiased policing within their community.HEAL was necessitated, in large part, after the many questionable and disturbing deaths of Americans of African descent and people of color. HEAL intends to inspire a cultural reset in America.

Inspired By God (IBG)

Inspired By God is the creative entity that will house projects that bring families together through ongoing projects including t-shirt design contests, music, and other creative endeavors.


Our purpose is to strengthen the framework of the education curriculum in America. It has become increasingly more common to witness and hear of criminal acts and unethical behaviors toward our citizens at the hands of the civil servants who are sworn to protect them. As tensions grow and frustrations rise we must acknowledge that now is the time to enact a high-impact strategy for change on a national level. Our purpose is to challenge children to lead, love, and listen. 

Be a part of the movement and make a difference now!


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Our Work

In June of 2020, HEAL formerly known as  REA Of Hope organized a peaceful protest in Atlanta, GA following the death of Mr. George Floyd.