Our Board

CEO and Founder 

Emanuel Royster

Emanuel Royster is a community activist and has worked as a volunteer over a span of three decades. Many of those years have been in service to programs that cater to the advancement of children. As a teenager, he began working for a nonprofit called N.O.V.I.C. ( New Orleans Volunteers In Court). It’s purpose was to thwart the recidivism rate in young men and women of color between the ages of 16-25 by teaching them life skills through mentorship. His Early Childhood Education Major in college and his experience as a daycare provider has given Emanuel the knowledge and perspective of advocacy for youth.  IBG, HEAL, Josiah’s Tree were all established in June of 2020, in response to the blatant and heightened acts of violence and racism towards Americans of color. With a God given vision, Emanuel is impassioned to end violence, social injustice  and racism both nationally and globally. 

“There is only one race, The race to heaven!” – E. Royster


Primary Consultant

Dr. Tanika Cornelius

Dr. Tanika Cornelius is a tenured professional in the field of education and has a Ph.D. in K-12 Administration. She is the primary consultant with HEAL. She loves children and has dedicated her life to uplifting children. She created a non-profit several years ago with a focus on enriching the lives of young girls of color. She is the proud mother of Josiah.


Marketing Director

Bethany Wright

Bethany Wright is an early childhood educator in the public school system. She is also a local Sunday school teacher and enjoys working to build future leaders of tomorrow as global citizens.. She has a professional background in marketing and mass communications for writing and sharing information for consumers. Bethany is passionate about the work of HEAL and believes that it is a necessary instrument of change that must happen to end violence and social injustice in America.


Youth Ambassador

Kaitlyn Hood

Kaitlyn is a youth activist and high school sophomore. She strives for humanity and education targeted toward her peers of the youthful generation. Kaitlyn was born in Tokyo, Japan before moving to the state of  Georgia at the age of five. She is proud to come from a culturally diverse family and believes that education for the next generation is the key to a better future.